February 7, 2015 - 9:00am

Driftless “Above the” Market

Expanding our space, our vision, and our offerings!

Driftless Market is excited to announce their expansion “Above the Market”. By removing some drywall, we opened up the stairway leading to the upper level. Previously rented as an apartment, this space has been repurposed and allows Driftless to expand their deli seating, provide access to a public restroom, create needed office space, and expand on popular product lines that fit the mission of the store.

In the front, Window on Main offers a relaxing atmosphere to have lunch with a friend, meet with a group or club, study or work using our free WI-FI. This space allows Driftless to accommodate larger groups for events like monthly cooking classes and our annual Jewelry Party. To date we have had baby showers, meetings and currently, a weekly meditation practice.

In the back room and porch, The Garden Room will introduce to Driftless more organic gardening supplies and resources.  The always popular Seed Saver’s Exchange Heirloom Seed display will be complimented with new Purple Cow Compost organic seed starter, potting mixes and compost tea!  Along with other gardening supplies, Safe Home Farm will bring a variety of organically grown bedding plants.

We enjoy hearing your ideas so stop in to checkout the space. Or join us on Saturday, February 7th when Driftless Market officially opens the Gardens on Main or for our upcoming local food event on Saturday, Feb. 21st, noon to 3pm for 123: Simple Steps for Supporting Local and Sustainable Foods, an open house featuring local vendors and products. For more info on events, daily soups and more checkout the Driftless Market website – www.driftlessmarket.com -  and “Like Us’ on Facebook.