December 9, 2017 - 10:00am to 2:00pm

"Empowered Women Grow Communities"

UPAVIM connects Fair Trade, Handmade, Guatemalan Crafts with our local community. Get a taste of the beautiful hand-made goods by browsing the UPAVIM Crafts website!
UPAVIM’s mission: to support the women of La Esperanza in their fight for better economic, healthcare and educational opportunities for themselves, their families and their community.


"We are a group of  75 women who live in the marginalized communities of Búcaro, La Esperanza, El Mezquital and Villa Lobos I and II, in Zone 12 of Villa Nueva. We are all mothers and homemakers. Some of us are widows, some of us have been abandoned by our husbands or we confront alcoholism and/or domestic violence in our families. Many of us are the sole providers of economic support for our families... We developed our handicrafts business, making it our goal to sell to the national and international markets. These early efforts have permitted us to become a self-sustaining Association and to advance toward our dreams.

Special Thanks!

We would like to thank all the friends of UPAVIM around the world who have come into our lives over the years and enabled us to move forward in our vision. We never could have succeeded and achieved what we have without everyone’s support and encouragement. Our hope is that we will continue to have people who understand our dreams for a better life and want to continue on that journey with us."