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At the Driftless Market we know that many individuals have special diet needs and food allergies. We have made it easy to identify the products with allergens that we carry by creating a special section in the store and clearly identifying items throughout the store with various colored tags.

Gluten Free

At Driftless, we believe that a gluten-free diet shouldn’t have to taste bad. Let us prove it to you with gluten-free pizza, pasta, cookies, crackers, pancakes and much more. We carry over 15 separate brands of gluten-free products, giving you the base ingredients you need to cook just about anything without gluten.

Other Diets

In addition to gluten-free, we make sure to stock a large number of products to cater to other dietary needs. Throughout the store, many items are free of dairy, sugar, salt or hydrogenated oils.

Special Orders

Think we’re missing something? Let us know and we may be able to special order it for you. Just fill out this quick note to tell us about it.